What is Analytical Psychology?

‘In all chaos there is cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.’ C.G. Jung

Analytical Psychology is an approach to the psyche and its development that is rooted in the teachings of the Swiss psychiatrist, sage and scholar Carl Gustav Jung. Jung sought new depths of meaning beyond the immense professional knowledge he had acquired as a leading psychiatrist and researcher. He did so by talking to his soul rather than about it.

He approached the dreams and fantasies of himself and his patients with utmost respect, interpreting them in the broadest spiritual and cultural context. His major work was discovering that each individual soul’s journey mattered for the whole of humankind, and that true health lies in realising this dignity and responsibility.

Leaving behind the limitations of mass-mindedness and mere function-orientated work, he encouraged people to become fully themselves in a journey called individuation, a journey from cradle to grave.

Informed by Jung, in my therapeutic practice I work with those who have recognised that their soul is striving for its fullest expression through various life phases. The goal is an authentic life, encompassing light and shadow, one which is unique and meaningful to ourselves and to others.

In Jungian therapy, you will be invited to bring your personal history, your dreams, and all the complexities of your inner life as you work with your therapist on the journey of individuation.

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